About Us

Olson General Contractors, Inc. is a regional construction services business, serving the greater Chicagoland market exclusively. We decided long ago that we should first and foremost view ourselves, not from our own perspective, but from the perspective of those we serve. For it is our clients construction needs that is our business and ultimately that is what defines us as a company. In so doing, Olson General Contractors, Inc. continues to repeatedly serve many of the same valued customers year after year, while adding new clients to our ever-growing customer base.

For over three decades, Olson General Contractors has emphasized Customer Satisfaction as the defining term for what we do as a business and for who we are as a company in the fast-paced Chicagoland construction industry and market. Today, Olson General Contractors has emerged with state-of-the art expertise in many of the vital construction disciplines. Not only do we staff a full service electrical arm, we also employ a staff of carpenters ready  to take on the most challenging of projects.

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